​Name: Mary Tran

Height: 5’1”

Division: Bikini

Stage Weight: 104 lbs

Off Season Weight: 115 lbs

Coached by: Team CTN – Marques Caudle

Past Fights/Placing: 4th Open/Novice Ferrigno 2016, 2nd Titans Grand Prix 2016

Sponsorships: ALLMAX, ToxicAngelzBikinis, The Shoe Fairy, Rossa Self Tanner, LoCal Foodz, Buff Bake, Wholesale Nutrition Center

Favorite Exercise: Anything dealing with shoulders! I love overhead presses and lateral raises. The shoulder burn feels amazing!

Favorite Meal: Breakfast is my favorite part of the day, so breakfast foods! French toast, pancakes, waffles, benedicts, etc. I love them all!

Upcoming Shows: Spectrum Fitness Gov Cup 2018, Jr. USA’s 2018

I got started on my fitness journey towards the end of 2013 when I got tired of feeling unhealthy and lethargic from not working out. I wanted to make a change in my life and set out to do so by having healthier eating habits and working out a lot more. As I continued to get more involved in being healthier and helping those around me, I fell in love with the sport and lifestyle. I love competing as it helps me grow mentally and physically. I love the lifestyle I live as I have met some amazing people and have grown so much with it

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