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Max’s 5th check in

Currently at 228lbs and still slowly leaning out. My weight so far this transformation has not been a good indicator of how my body has been changing. My inbody scan this week shows I’ve gained 2 pounds of muscle and lost 3 pounds of fat in 2 within 2 months so what I’ve been doing has been working!! This is definitely turning out to be more of a recomposition than a cut, and Im completely okay with that. Usually when I go to cut down I lose a lot of muscle as well as fat and a lot of my strength too. This time around I’m gaining muscle and still feeling strong. I even did 990lbs on the leg press for reps yesterday. Im sticking to only the customized meals from LoCal Foodz right now just to avoid any excess sodium and and water weight gain. Chicken, white rice, and zucchini as well as tilapia, white rice, and broccoli are my go-to meals and I eat 1-2 of each daily, as well as protein shakes and rice cakes. Calories are still high so I’m staying pretty full and my cardio is still fairly high to keep me leaning out. Sleep seems to be my only thing suffering, especially with 5 finals coming up next week. Hopefully my workouts don’t suffer too much, gotta keep my metabolism going strong!

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