Sharmaine Macareg

  1. Tell us why you think you would be a good fit for the LoCal Foodz Transformation Sponsorship program?

I think I would be a good fit for the LoCal Foodz Transformation Sponsorship program, because since I have already gone through a 50lb transformation once before, I know what kind of dedication and work it takes to make it happen. Through my previous transformation, I found my true passion for health and fitness – I even aspire to become a registered dietitian. I love the way I feel when I eat clean and train on a consistent basis. I understand that diet plays a very important role in losing weight and I would love to be sponsored by a company that stands behind that. I love everything about it!

  1. What separates you from other applicants?

What separates me from other applicants is my dedication, drive, and strength – and when I mean strength, I don’t mean physically. I have always been the type of person to make sure I get something when I really really want it and I’ve gone through many struggles in my life (my father’s death, a couple major surgeries that affected my physical capabilities at one point, mental health issues that affected my academics, etc.) that I only try to focus on the good and think positively on everything that is thrown my way. I’m driven to only make things go up and well from here on out. I’m also a very social person and active on social media. Since my first weight loss transformation, many people always came to me asking for advice on how to lose weight and they constantly asked me what my secret was – I told them it was clean eating! After awhile of the constant questions, I decided to start posting what I eat throughout the day on Snapchat and Instagram Story to help others out so I’m excited to start posting the meals from Local Foodz.

  1. Do you currently compete in any sports?

I currently do not compete in any sports although my long-term goal is to eventually compete in a bodybuilding competition along side with 2/3 of my older sisters. I know I’m far from it, but I know I can get there at one point in my life! =)

  1. What are your fitness goals for 2017?

By the very end of 2017, in terms of specific numbers at the gym, I hope to be able to at least deadlift 225lb and squat 185lb for a PR.

Overall, I want to drop 12% body fat  with an increase in lean muscle mass – as much as I can, but at a healthy and maintainable state. This is what is mainly important to me.

  1. Describe yourself in 5 words

Outgoing, outspoken, dedicated, genuine, compassionate

  1. What is your favorite healthy meal, and favorite exercise?

My favorite healthy meal would have to be teriyaki or bbq styled chicken w/ brown rice + a kale salad w/ turkey bacon bits, cherry tomatoes, and Bolthouse Farm’s low-fat Ceasar dressing. Yum!

My favorite exercise would have to be deadlifts – I’m not close to strong compared to everyone else, but they’re my favorite and I think they’re fun!

  1. Tell us why or how a LoCal Foodz Sponsorship would help you.

Being sponsored by LoCal Foodz would help me greatly in reaching my goals with the busy lifestyle that I live. My ultimate goal is to lose body fat and I can’t do that without a consistent, clean diet. I’m a full-time student that works two part-time jobs at City Sports Club and Max Muscle Nutrition so I really have to dedicate the time to prepare my own meals. Half of the time, I’m too exhausted from work, school, and the gym to get into the kitchen and cook, measure, and pack. “Fail to plan, plan to fail” – is what I try to remind myself. I believe LoCal Foodz will make it so much easier for me to reach my goals with meals that are already prepared and actually taste good since I’m not that great of a cook, lol. In addition, my part-time jobs are both in the same field – health and fitness – I want to actually look the part too! Sometimes I’m so embarrassed to even be working at a gym AND a nutrition shop while I’m not even close to looking fit. Essentially, I want to look the part of where I work, especially since I’ll be going to school for dietetics in the future.

– Charmaine Macaraeg  –  sharmaineeeeeee