Jason Mayol







Past Competitions/Placing:

Competed in Drug-Free Bodybuilding in my 20’s – Last competition in 2002.

Do you compete in any sports?

Just the gym for Therapy!


Honestly, my 1st one because i’m always the one sponsoring others!Glad to be on the other side this time.

Favorite Exercise:

Legs for sure

Favorite LoCal Foodz Meal:

Turkey and Salmon all day!

How did you get started in the fitness industry?

I got started in the fitness industry at 16 years of age where i was first introduced to the weight room to help compete in high school sports. it soon became an obsession to get physically better and results came pretty fast. Both in self-esteem and performance on the sports field, doors of opportunity opened. I got a job at a local GNC at 17 and continued to work through high school. i graduated from Purdue University and got my Bachelor of Science degree in management with a minor in nutrition and learned more about nutrition and workout mechanics from strength coaches at the Purdue Athletics program.

My first job after job after graduation in 1998, led me back to California to a sports nutrition manufacturer in Fairfield called MLO. They manufactured product lines such as Genisoy and Bio-X. In 2002, Champion nutrition in Concord became my next work-place. After working there a few years, I got a call from a customer of mine asking if i would be interested in running his GNC franchise stores in the bay area. Being in front of people in a retail environment is my niche so I accepted the job as a new challenge. While working at GNC I learned how to run a business and it eventually led me to open up my own Max Muscle store in 2006. I now have 2 stores – San Mateo and San Francisco. Sports nutrition and the fitness industry have been a staple in my life and will continue to be!

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