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Jon Andersen Overall Bio

Jon Andersen was a fat unathletic little boy who was searching for greatness in the bottle of that ice cream container.  With a very low self-esteem and weight problem Jon was a very easy target for neighborhood and schoolyard bullies.  Through a series of events Jon finally said enough is enough and decided to buckle down and work hard for what he believed at the time was only a dream.   As Jon developed a work ethic that was virtually unmatched he started to realize that reaching his dreams could be a reality.   100% self made his journey was filled with trial and error which ultimately produce an organic system of reaching very large goals.  Jon not only became a professional Strongman was internationally recognized… He also moved on to a bigger platform of wrestling in Japan.  He continued to forge his path even further on to bodybuilding where he became the third man in history to earn a professional status in only 2 contests.

Jon Andersen Current Career Bio: Bodybuilding

At the age of 42 Johns wrestling career had come to an end and he was determined to become and IFBB professional bodybuilder.  Once again Johns relentless work ethic and discipline allowed him to go from bodybuilding unknown to earning a professional status with the IFBB(International Federation of bodybuilders) in a six-month timeframe.  John is one of a small club of only three people to earned their professional cards with the IFBB in only two contests.   John went on to place in the top five of his professional bodybuilding debut which is another rare achievement.

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Jon Andersen First Career Bio: Strongman

Jons work ethic allowed him to not only be a very big and strong but have an incredible amount of muscle and cardiovascular endurance. Jon  burst onto the Strongman scene, turned  professional and made team USA all inside of the 15 month timeframe.  Jon was contracted by the IFSA (international Federation of strength athletes) and went on to compete all over the world individually and as a part of team USA.   He was in the top five of American strongman athletes and in the top 15 of the world for many consecutive years.   Jon won the 2003 north American championship and was a part of team USA when the US team placed second in 2004 and  third in 2005 and 2006 at the Team world championships.


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Jon Anderson Second Career Bio: Wrestling

After a seven-year fruitful Strongman career John decided it was time to move on to a bigger platform of entertainment.   Once again Jons incredible work ethic and discipline allowed him to go from a wrestling unknown to earning a  lucrative contract inNew Japan all inside of 12 months.   As an individual wrestler John earned the award  of most outstanding international talent.   Jon and his tagteam partner Nanabo Nakanishi were  named best tagteam of Japan in 2010.  They Challenged for the title on multiple occasions in the  Tokyo dome  in front of 50,000 screaming fans.  Jon also had the honor of participating in event called wrestling for peace held  in North Korea (yes that’s right North Korea not South Korea ) which was an effort to nurture better International relations.   Jon was one of only two Americans allowed to participate.

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