Gerald Williams

Age: 30

Height: 5’9”

Division: Men’s bodybuilding

Stage Weight: 240

Off Season Weight: 230

Coached by (if applicable): Matt Burzacott

Past Competitions/Placing:

IFBB Ferrrigno Classic 7th

IFBB Sheru Classic 5th


LoCal Foodz

Enhanced Athlete

Egg white 24/7

Gerald Williams 1

Favorite Exercise:  I don’t have a favorite exercise.  I train body parts based their developmental need.  Some areas need less attention while other need more.

Favorite Healthy Meal:  I eat clean year round.  There is no need to eat bad food in excess to grow tissue.  Cheat meals have their place but one needs to understand their body and how to apply the cheat.  With that said ground bison and rice with sugar free BBQ sauce is a year round favorite.

Upcoming shows:

IFBB California Pro May 2017

IFBB Muscle Mayhem June 2017

IFBB Vancouver Pro July 2017

IFBB Arnold Asia ( Maybe) August 2017

I did my first completion as a teenager in 2003, placing 2nd.  I was hooked; and wanted to be the best. Soon after I won the Overall at the Teen Nationals and began competing as an adult.  After the 2008 Nationals I took a break from Bodybuilding and focused on other things in life.  I got back on stage in 2015 and was able to earn my IFBB Pro card and have been continuing to progress as a professional.

The thing I enjoy the most about competing is the ability to take the skills around handling adversity and leveraging intrinsic motivation to be a better persona in all areas  of life.

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