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Edison’s 5th Check-in


Down an additional 2 lbs with a realistically attainable 11 lbs to go by years end.

My primary focus for the rest of the year is going to be eating mindfully. It’s something that I’ve employed in the past and it’s worked so well for me that I lull myself into a stupor and stop doing it. DOH!

It is all too easy for me, even with my localfoodz eat mindlessly. I’ve found myself in numerous occasions after a workout inhaling  my portion of shepherd’s pie or whatever the meal is and not even really stopping to think about what I just ate…and to be honest, more than once I’ve gone as far as not even heating up my food before I devour the meal.

I’ve noticed that my relationship with food, when I’m not in a state of mindful eating becomes unhealthy, even if I’m doing my best sticking to my portions etc, when food just becomes calories in and calories out for me, I make mistakes. But when I stop and appreciate each bite, taste the freshness and crispness of the green beans, when I taste the sweet tangy barbeque sauce on my chicken or take a satisfying bite of tilapia and let it engage all my senses, not only do I not eat as much, but I fully enjoy the meal that has been so carefully prepared for me.

So I’m going to make sure that I stop to smell the roses and I enjoy my tasty portion of steak and broccoli with momo sauce. 🙂edison-week-4-right

Pro Tip

I order my chilli with NO RICE and replace the rice with the Joyloop Cauliflower rice instead…AMAZING!

Also, for me because I’m trying to watch my carb intake, I do a double order of veggies with my custom meals instead of having a starch. Just a simple tip…you can’t eat it if it’s not on the plate.


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